1. Ghost

From the recording Change with the Seasons

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Thoughts are racing through my head, it’s 2am
Overthinking all those things I said three weeks ago
Did I come on too strong?
Did I stay too long?
Did you want me to go?

Tell me I’m more than just another mistake
That your interest in me’s not something
You have to fake
Look me in the eyes – say you see this the way I do

Don’t leave me behind
Will I be left behind again?

Hands begin to shake, my composure starts to break
As I reread the message I last sent an hour ago
Did I get your cues wrong?
Was I a fool all along
For thinking you even cared?

Constant paranoia of how you really feel
My mind is plagued by cruel doubt
And I can’t tell what’s real
Desperate to believe in the moments that we’ve shared

Don’t leave me behind
Will I be left behind again?

Am I just a burden? Someone you can replace?
Despite how hard I try, I can’t keep up the pace
Easily forgotten, will you stop and turn back for me?

I scream into the darkness, but there’s no one to hear
I’m left alone to face the truth I’ve always feared
Maybe I’m a ghost, simply destined to fade away
Can you see me?