Beret offers a number of services as a composer and performer. Pricing can be flexible, however, a deposit of $25 is required for all services upon hiring. If the service you have in mind is not listed, please contact Beret with any questions or details, or call her directly at (507) 351-2455.

Live Performance

Hire Beret to perform for your event or for personal purposes. She plays piano, cello, guitar, ukulele, and sings.


  • $100/hour
  • $0.10/mile traveled
  • Deposit of $25 upon hiring

Contact Beret to discuss music selection and event details. Beret requests a minimum of 1 month prior to event before hiring.

Recording Session

E.g., for a song you are producing, a soundtrack, etc.

Hire Beret to play or sing for you as a session musician, in-person or remotely.


  • $20 for a short excerpt
  • $100 for a single song
  • $500 for a whole album/soundtrack
  • $0.10/mile traveled (if applicable)
  • Deposit of $25 upon hiring (if total cost is greater than $25)

Contact Beret to discuss project details.

Due to the nature of services provided, all deposits and payments are non-refundable, even in the case of cancelation of services. Beret accepts payments through Paypal, or with cash or personal check in-person only. Please do not mail cash or checks. Contact Beret with any questions or concerns regarding services, or if you are dissatisfied with your services received. Beret will work to correct any issues you may have, at no extra cost to you. Your satisfaction is her top priority.